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Who is dating who on glee on the show

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The character is portrayed by actor Chord Overstreet, and appeared on Glee starting with the second season premiere episode entitled "Audition", first broadcast on September 21, 2010.Sam is a transfer student to William Mc Kinley High School who becomes a member of the football team, as well as a member of the glee club, New Directions.

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Mercedes ultimately breaks up with Shane in "Heart", but she feels horrible for what she did to him and tells Sam she will not go out with him until she is sure of her feelings.The TV couple has taken their love outside of the screen and were spotted spending some quality time together.Rumors that they are now a couple started circulating after they were seen arriving at Los Angeles International Airport this past weekend, and he seems to even be helping her carry her suitcase. Before that, Melissa was seen walking Chris's dog, Drift and her dog Farley in Vancouver, before they both flew to LA.When Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) convinces Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn, he breaks up with her and begins dating Santana, In the season two finale episode "New York", Sam hugs Mercedes after the New Directions finishes performing at the Nationals competition.Back in Ohio, it is revealed that Mercedes and Sam are dating, but it is clear they are keeping it secret.Sam first appears on Glee during the first episode of the show's second season.

He is recruited for the school glee club, New Directions, by the club co-captain—and also football quarterback and team captain—Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), and performs Travie Mc Coy's "Billionaire" with Finn, Puck (Mark Salling), Artie (Kevin Mc Hale) and Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.). Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) immediately shows interest in him, thinking Sam is gay; Sam is unaware of Kurt's reasons, and agrees to be Kurt's duet partner because Kurt's a good singer, holding to his word despite Finn advising against duetting with another guy.

In "Saturday Night Glee-ver", after Mercedes tells the class about her father's lack of support for her musical dreams, and says she is worried that she will not be a good enough singer in the real world, Sam films Mercedes singing "Disco Inferno" and secretly posts the video on You Tube.

He shows her the enthusiastic comments garnered by the video, and tells her he believes in her. They attend the senior prom together in "Prom-asaurus", and New Directions subsequently wins the Nationals competition.

Kurt ultimately calls off their duet to save Sam's reputation.

After a slushee is thrown in his face, Quinn helps him clean up, and they later become partners in the glee club's duets competition.

His first appearance is not until "Hold on to Sixteen", when Rachel and Finn track him down to help New Directions perform at Sectionals.