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Validating user input in asp net web pages

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Many Web pages with Terms of Service include a Check Box titled "I agree to the above terms" that must be checked before continuing.

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NET Framework 2.0's base class libraries; consequently, they will only work in ASP. Alternatively, you may adapt the code presented here to work in ASP. A validation control's primary responsibility is to determine whether or not its assigned control's value is valid.The important property of the Regular Expression Validator Control is : Validation Expression : The regular expression defines a pattern that the input data must match to be valid. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use and privacy policy. Is Valid : Has the value True when the validation succeeds.In the following example, using of validation controls is shown for a form which has two textbox controls and one button.After all validation tests in a form have been passed, the Is Valid property on the page is set.

If any of the validation fails, the entire page is set to invalid.

Before saving the data entered by the user into a webform, we will have to validate the data.

A web form is form which is used to accept data from the user in a web application.

The important properties of the Required Field Validator Control are: Text : Sets the error message displayed by the control.

Control To Validate : Specifies the ID of the control that you want to validate.

We can add validation controls to a webform just like any other controls.