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Who is andy roddick currently dating

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I don't feel like googling him.)She took me to a party and it was really crazy. I was sitting on this bench talking to this blonde woman and we were having a great chat, just about stuff, like old girlfriends. She said something like "Oh, fuck," and left the room. She was still married to George Harrison, but had come to the party with Eric Clapton, who was his friend.

I saw Margo Hemingway's right breast fall out of her blouse at Studio 54. I've seen Maxwell Caulfield nekid, circa 1994 at the BH YMCA locker room and at the carousel showers. He was kinda tickling her and grabbing her while she was struggling to unlock her door and get them inside. This isn't a particular secret or anything, and I imagine most people who might find this at all interesting are probably dead.I went to a party for Elton John years ago at the Four Season's in LA. I thought, "This man is gonna either get sober or die." Luckily he chose the sober route.Sylvester Stallone, Eric Clapton and many other big stars were there. (This was way before marriage and babies.)Also, r84, I heard that Matt Damon wasn't chosen for Ocean's Eleven until after Clooney and his then-buddy Mark Wahlberg, who was originally cast in the Damon role, were outed (by Ted Casablanca, IIR) as intending to shack up in the same hotel room during the entire filming schedule.Look at the attached link - their chemistry was captured in that film still. Apparently[quote]Oh please, Keanu rarely fucks girls so I'm surprised your friend got herpes or anything else from him.[quote]I don't think Keanu has been with a woman in a long time. Another friend of mine (female) was at a bar when Bon Jovi tried to pick her up. I'm shocked the film actually finished production, let alone turned out so well.Ed went back to Amy once the film shoot ended and they have lived happily ever after. but apparently he was all ego, acting is if she should be honored he selected her, so she told him to beat it. He is the biggest asshole in the world and treated everyone like shit.[quote]Jude Law had a one-night stand with a famous actress during his initial brush with fame. David Lean treated EVERYONE (bar Peg Ashcroft) like shit and was really quite delusional and ailing.I really wanted to like her, but could't understand why she just sat there saying nothing after every kind thing he said about her. Everything was even more antagonistic and tense after that ('ll always remember him referring to the actors as 'puppets', never by name except for Alec and Peggy).

I hear they got along during the lengthy reshoots though! Oh, and Kevin Spacey is a Cosby style rapist (only with twinky theatre gays) but we all knew that.

My sibling lives in the Beresford and knows the Seinfelds very well.

She said Jessica Seinfeld is a complete bitch to everyone in the building -- doormen, maintenance folks, domestics (her own and others) but that she saves special nastiness for Jerry who is completely whipped.

Julia Roberts was the reason Clooney and Matt Damon were included n the Ocean's franchise.

She recommended those two names which producers could not refuse.

The procedure was performed by a back ally Doctor on Monster Island.