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Second base in dating

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I’m wondering if that “sexy as hell” business might be a front for your own benefit, to talk yourself into what a fabulous guy he is.

Bottom line: this is not a deal breaker for you right now. If he’s as funny and smart as you say, he’ll catch on that he needs to improve his smooch. Tell him it’s time to pucker up and leave the tongue-wagging to the dogs. The fact that you’ve written to us is an indication that you might be growing tired of guiding him and taming his loose tongue. But I still think your best bet is to keep working with him on this.In a dating world full of disasters (see our 4-Way archives) filled with diaper fetishes, coworker hookups, and an overall inability to get dates, there are bigger problems you could have than this.That coupled with him treating you like chocolate chip mint on a sugar cone may ultimately mean he’s not your guy.You don’t have 501(c)(3) status, after all, so if he doesn’t get it right soon, stop the charity and move on.I had a friend tell me once that he made out with this guy in a bar we’d both met at the same time.

Each of us had commented on how it would be nice to “get to know” this chap better, so I was eager to hear the details.

He leaves his mouth wide open and his tongue just goes crazy—I have spit all over my face when we’re done.

I’ve tried to gently “coach” him, saying things like, “I love to feel your lips on mine” and for the brief time we actually kiss like normal people, I tell him how sexy I think it is.

To my shock and relief, my friend told me that he was unable to get past first base with this young buck simply because he kissed like a Labrador.

It sounds like you have a similar situation on your hands, or more correctly, on your face.

Dear 4-Way, I’ve been dating a really nice guy for about a month now.