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Dating and sharps container

SAVE $200 PER PERSON when you pay your tour balance by check or cash versus credit card!

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RITALIN - This is available in 10mg tablets (also available as Equasym which is 'methylphenidate ' in a 5mg tablet). - fentanyl TAB - tablet or quantity of drug (usually LSD) TAB - small square of paper impregnated with LSD TAC - PCP TACKLE - drugs themselves or the equipment used to take them TAIL LIGHTS - LSD TAIMA - marijuana TAKING A CRUISE - PCP TAKKOURI - cannabis TAKE A TRIP - take LSD TANGO & CASH - narcotic TANGO & CASH - fentanyl TAR - opium TAR - morphine TAR - heroin TAR - crack and heroin smoked together TARDUST - cocaine TASTE - heroin TASTE - small sample of drugs TAX - taking money and not supplying the drugs or drugs TAXED - a larger dealer taking drugs without payment from a smaller dealer TAXING - price paid T-BUZZ - PCP TEA - cannabis TEA - PCP TEA PARTY - to smoke marijuana TEARDROPS - dosage of crack packaged in the cut-off corners of plastic bags TECATE - heroin TECHNO BEAT - heavy beat music TEETH - cocaine TEETH - crack TEMAZIES - temazepam capsules TEMMIES - temazepam tablets TEMPLE BALLS - cannabis TEMS - buprenorphine TENS - amphetamine TENS - MDMA TENSION - crack TEX MEX - marijuana TEXAS POT - marijuana TEXAS TEA - marijuana THAI STICKS - cannabis THANIE - heroin THC - tetrahydrocannabinol (The drug Cannabinol, i.e. For cancellations made less than 90 days prior to departure, the following per person charges apply: 90-61 days - deposit amounts, 60-46 days - 50% of total tour fare; 45-31 days prior to departure- 75% of total tour fare, 30-0 days- 100% of total tour fare.In the event of interruption or cancellation of your tour after its commencement, there will be no refunds.We forward the phones into our houses and would be happy to answer your questions and give you advice about traveling in Alaska! We recommend reserving your spot on all additional land and shore excursions before you leave for your trip. We will add the land excursions to your invoice separately but you will have to prepay for shore excursions at the time of booking.Should your excursion be canceled due to weather you will be refunded the price of your excursion.Booking early ensures that you will have the best selection of departure dates and cruise cabins. Alaskan Specialists are available for tour bookings am-pm M-F and 8am-4pm on Saturday.

Reservations may be made directly to John Hall’s Alaska by mail, fax, telephone, or in person. If you want to call us before or after those times- feel free!

Nights 6-12 will be on board either Celebrity Cruise Line’s Millennium or Royal Caribbean International’s Radiance of the Seas. Land only guests will overnight in Anchorage on day 6 before flying home on day 7. This departure date allows for an Alaskan Dream Cruises cruise option aboard the Baranof Dream.

All listed attractions and highlights with corresponding gratuities, accommodations, fully guided service, meals with corresponding gratuities, luxury land, rail and cruise transportation, airport transfers, port charges and taxes, cruise line gratuities, baggage handling with corresponding gratuities and your choice of inside, outside, verandah or suite cruise cabin. Alternate pricing & daily itinerary can be found here: Deposit requirements are $500 per person and fully refundable along with any other monies paid up until 90 days prior to your departure date. Alaska Specialists are available for tour bookings am-pm M-F and 8am-4pm on Saturday.

We are able to accommodate individuals with walkers, scooters and wheelchairs as long as they break down for storage in the motorcoach baggage area.

Please also let us know if you have a CPAP machine (sleep apnea machine) or need to bring refrigerated insulin on your trip.

We recommend trip insurance through Travel Insured International to cover trip cancellation, trip interruption and unexpected medical costs (Travel Insured: 800-243-3174, option 6).