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'He is being viewed as a hatchet man.' Another palace insider revealed: 'Everyone is living in fear not knowing who is going to go next.I've never known such a terrible atmosphere.'He said: 'As a public institution, scrutinised by Parliament, the Royal Household constantly reviews structures and staffing to ensure that it is run in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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And finally, I will use them to demonstrate how the global media is hiding behind the skirts of Ms Roberts’ testimony to besmirch an innocent man – just as it besmirched me when it claimed I’d crossed the line from appearing in mainstream films containing erotic scenes, to films made for the sex industry.

Positions in the Royal Household are notoriously poorly paid.

One recent advert for a footman offered a salary of £15,781 a year, though lodgings at the Palace were thrown in.

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One source described the below-stairs atmosphere at Buckingham Palace as 'rock bottom – the worst I have ever known' and said the royal employees – with a combined service of 80 years – had been treated disgracefully.

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