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Twilight movie stars dating

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Cave Creek is a slightly run-down old frontier town which now serves as a tourist spot for travellers driving through the sun-scorched Sonoran Desert on their way to the Grand Canyon.Souvenir stalls selling cowboy hats, boots and spurs sit alongside fast-food cafes.

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He has now quit his job as an auditor to be able to care for their sons while Stephenie writes her hugely successful books from an office at their home.For a woman who has sold more than 85 million books and has been hailed as the new J. Only a high-tech camera and newly installed metal gates give some hint of the occupant's desire for privacy. Set down a dusty dirt trail, the four-bedroom property blends seamlessly into the desert landscape - low and sand-coloured with just a few cacti for decoration.'That is her secret - she wants to live an anonymous life and in Cave Creek she can. It sounds boring but that's the life she wants and loves.' Meyer is the second of six children born to accountant Stephen Morgan and his wife Candace.It was Stephen who insisted on the unusual spelling of his daughter's first name and she has said it 'drove me mad because it's been spelled wrong all my life'.In one of her rare public pronouncements on the subject, Stephenie said: 'My childhood was normal, sheltered normal. It's harder to find a romance where they dwell on the hand-holding. I was very practical and I chose a nice boy, my husband. Author Stephen King also caused a flurry of publicity when he criticised what he perceived as Meyer's lack of literary talent. The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn.

'When teenage girls give their heart to a show, an actor, a book or a boy, they do it totally. She's not very good.' The criticism was greeted by Meyer with her preferred response: silence.

Meyer spent the next three months writing Twilight, in which vampire Edward falls for the chaste heroine Bella Swan.

Meyer often worked all night and then shared each chapter with her elder sister, Emily.

At various points this year, all five of her published books - four in the hugely successful Twilight series of vampire romance novels and one work of adult science-fiction - have been in the Top 10 in both Britain and the United States.

Last year Meyer sold an astonishing 27million books in 37 countries - eclipsing even the Harry Potter series - and when a film version of Twilight was released starring British heart-throb Robert Pattinson as vampire Edward Cullen, it made more than £200million worldwide.

Here, in the remote town of Cave Creek, Arizona, is where Stephenie Meyer chooses to live, in a house she has shared with her husband and three children for the past decade.