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Christian dating the shocking truth

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The term “Christian” is used both relatively and specifically; by that I mean it is employed generically of some who are denominationalists, but who nominally identify with “Christianity.” Specifically, the term is used to designate those who are identified with the churches of Christ.

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He lamented the fact that many of Harding’s students, upon leaving the university, elect to attend interdenominational “community” churches.“It is not unusual in a typical week for our students to attend a Monday night instrumental (!) praise worship at a local Church of Christ, a Tuesday night ecumenical teaching session at First Baptist downtown, Wednesday night church at a fairly traditional Church of Christ, and Thursday night Taize worship [generally an ecumenical service with repetitious songs and prayers (somewhat like a mass), punctuated with brief periods of silence — WJ] at a Presbyterian church — all before going home on the weekend to their parents’ Church of Christ where many think we are the only Christians” (Gary Holloway, While many of our Christian youth might find the sentiments expressed by the teacher cited above to be a corruption of gospel truth in theological matters, one might be surprised just how willing some are to apply the ideology of postmodernism to moral issues.Postmodern thinking may be identified in the church in various ways.It has, in fact, wormed its way into our Christian schools.It is a sad situation when youngsters will argue for “immersion” and every-Sunday communion, but will booze it up on the weekends, smoke “pot,” and boast of their sexual conquests (or warmly fraternize with those who do), while accusing others of being “narrow-minded.” It is becoming increasingly clear that a good number of Christian young people have a serious “disconnect” between the teaching of the New Testament on moral issues, and their beliefs and conduct.

We will now direct our attention more specifically to some of these issues.

One must, therefore, reject the “out-of-date” views of the Bible, and read the Scriptures through “modern glasses.” There is a significant movement within churches of Christ pushing for a reunion with the “Christian Church” — especially since 2006 is the anniversary of the split that was recognized officially a century ago.

Some who are fuelling this compromising “reunion” are snuggled within the bosoms of our leading “Christian” institutions.

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For example, Postmodernists do not believe that the New Testament is the absolute standard of truth.