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Rodney dangerfield dating

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Rodney Dangerfield's wife filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles against the late comic's daughter for videotaping his act for personal profit.Joan Child Dangerfield alleges in the lawsuit filed Wednesday that Melanie Roy-Friedman, Rodney Dangerfield's daughter from a previous relationship, tricked her father in 1988 into allowing her to tape his Las Vegas show, which he "zealously guarded," the lawsuit states.

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The lawsuit said Roy-Friedman claimed she wanted it for personal use, "so that her future children could see it," the New York Post reported.Joan Dangerfield is a journalist’s dream-come-true. In this special Fan Quarterly exclusive, she opens up about her marriage to the late comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, and tells some of the most amusing stories we’ve ever heard!Beyond her life in the spotlight, she talks about her passions — flowers, food, film, and philanthropy.But he took a suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel shortly after we met, and he basically lived there for ten years until we got married. There were lots of events held at the hotel, including The Golden Globes – and we would crash them.We would end up hanging out with Tom Cruise or Paul Newman or other honorees at various charity events.He stopped by every day, his visits got longer and longer, and our romance blossomed.

When we first began dating, Rodney lived in New York.

He would go with me when I got mani-pedis and sing songs to the manicurists.

I would go with him to the dentist and hold his hand through procedures. and woke up around noon, then went straight to the swimming pool.

"Relying upon that representation, Rodney trusted his daughter and allowed her to videotape the act," a news release from Child Dangerfield's law firm states.

The comic's wife said Roy-Friedman pretended to give him the master copy when she actually kept it the original.

I noticed I was enjoying weekends with Rodney more than my weekdays and decided to give my flower business to my sister.