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Throw in shipping costs, taxes, title, and insurance, and you can still might headphone amp objective nirvana for under $100.The price details are all in the Bill Of Materials.

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THE PRICE DETAILS: All the parts to build the O2’s fully functional circuit board should be around $30.THE COMPETITORS: To put the O2 in perspective, you might want to compare the O2 against the $180 (assembled) Mini3, $350 - $400 Head Amp Pico, $450 Headroom Portable Micro, or $650 SR-71 Blackbird.I’ve already shown the O2 far outperforms the Mini3 in every single category.And I’m 99% sure it will also, overall, outperform the others.I believe it will even embarrass many far more expensive rival or beat much more expensive products.In this case, with as little as $25 worth of parts, you can have a headphone amp that rivals the headphone output of the Benchmark DAC1 Pre in blind listening tests.

START HERE: There a lot of documentation on the O2. LESS WORRY: Unlike 99% of headphone amps, the O2’s performance has been fully documented on professional equipment under real world conditions.

) headphone amp design has already proven surprisingly popular.

Just as a $2.49 wine can beat much more expensive wines in blind tasting, so can an inexpensive headphone amp.

If someone wants to roll the dice and make a few hundred O2 amps things get even better.

They can buy in volume, run the circuit boards on a wave solder line, and probably sell the O2 at a nice profit for $99 or less.

Just add two batteries, and perhaps the 2011 version of a Cmoy Altoids tin, and you have a fully functional very high quality headphone amp for under $40.