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Sitting in the tree dating

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From worst to best, it was kind of cute watching Sue attempt to locate the guy she kissed on the Halloween hayride.

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Simply use any house paint sitting around to do the marking.During the winter, when the deciduous leaves have fallen, inspect the bare branches of your maple.Note any limbs that should be removed and tie a ribbon around the lower ones.Limbs that fall from high up the trunk can cause serious injury.Never attempt to climb the tree unless you are ready to use correct safety equipment.Selective pruning that opens up the canopy mitigates disease and pest risks.

Allowing good air circulation through the branches is critical to propagating tree health.

It's better to prune a little bit each year than to prune a lot one year.

Even though the tree will be fully leafed out during the actual pruning, careful planning before foliage season can be a big help.

But I loved that she showed up at the school Valentine’s Day dance in her pink crayon costume. I’d say she’s lucky Joe followed her out of the auditorium. Mike was great in Brick’s classroom completely out of his element, and I loved it every time one of the kids called him “Brick’s dad.” I would have loved it if we’d gotten to see Brick with Autumn (Isabella Acres) a bit more, but it was all really cute.

When Brick started rambling about the candies with words I thought his plot would go in an entirely different direction, with him sending a wholly inappropriate message to someone. The assembly line process that Brick was screwing up by reading the candies — Brick, stick, lick, done — was awesome.

Maple trees can provide more than just shade and beauty.