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At that time I was known as Leona, and the earliest records show a PLaya_Leona_ADM.

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After I was banned from Outlaws, for arguing a point regarding rules, Chuck and I decided to form our own group.[;)] It also has an adjustable -C-LECT-CHOKE- Very unique firearm for sure, and it sure was nice of them to think of me as the caretaker of their fathers/husbands shotgun. PLaya_Acura PLaya_Babysistr PLaya_Bagga PLay_Bam Bam PLaya_Beast PLaya_Bobbygirl PLaya_CCPLaya_Cool PLaya_Country PLaya_Danca PLaya_Dingy PLaya_Hare PLaya_Ms Bud PLaya_Sea_Salt PLaya_Slowman PLaya_Snake PLaya_Sugar PLaya_Wife Playas was conceived in October, 2002 by Chucky Nils and me. She hadn’t thought anything could be more agonizing than what had happened before, but she had been wrong. When they finally turned it off, Sue was half-unconscious. “I hear that in Chile, they sometimes get it up to about half-power before the victim’s cunt is ruined forever.” That did it. But the thought of being permanently mutilated was too much. “Let her up.” You see all sorts of intense BDSM scenarious in porn where they use shock toys, but this right here is how they get used in my own play: It’s basically just a lazy way to make your submissive jerk and twitch and beg — it takes zero effort and it does no harm and and you can do it as much as you want.None of the family wanted it so my wife’s friend called and asked if I wanted it, I said sure, I will take care of it and you know were it is if anyone ever wants it. Difference was a redesigned stock to account for a weak spot.

I asked if she new what type it was and she did not know and that her and her mother would drop it off. Difference between the K and D was the K had a Select a choke and D had changable chokes.

I changed my name to sobe02, but bubsy realized who I was, and turned me in. I belonged to other ladders that I continued to play in, including Extremes, where I played with Taboo, and met the folks who formed Twisted, and Spaders Heaven in Advanced 2, where I met Smarti, Moe, Maj, Tucker and other fine players there.

I also played in Coppers, which Half Pint formed when she left Outlaws also, more on that later as well.

First post here, figured some Mossberg fans would like this old iron!

My wife’s best friends father died a couple of years ago and her friends mother still had his shot gun in the closet and wanted to get rid of it.

“Let’s test her, Frank,” she said with a tight smile.