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It helps if you can testify that that you haven’t been involved in criminal activity since your conviction and that you want your record clean for some specific reason, like getting a professional license.Law enforcement officials and the victims of your crime may testify at the hearing to support your application or to object to it.

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The easiest way to find out if you qualify is to use our Do-It-Yourself Expungement (Adult Conviction).If your conviction is set aside, most employers will not be able to see it with a background check.The Michigan State Police will still keep a nonpublic record of a conviction that has been set aside.You can find detailed instructions in the Setting Aside an Adult Conviction Toolkit.Once you’ve applied, you will have to attend a hearing where you explain to a judge why your conviction should be set aside.Even if you meet all the requirements, you will still have to appear before a judge who decides whether to set aside your conviction– it is not automatic.

To have a conviction set aside in Michigan, typically you must have only one conviction on your record. If you have only one felony conviction, and two or less misdemeanors, you can ask a judge to set aside your felony conviction.

Setting aside a conviction is the process that clears your public criminal record.

This is sometimes called an “expungement.” In Michigan, there is one process to set aside a conviction on your adult record and a different process to set aside a juvenile conviction, called an adjudication.

You may want to have a conviction set aside if you are looking for a new job or a professional license.

Many employers and licensing boards will hold a conviction against you or use it to disqualify you.

However, a judge can allow you to apply sooner than the three year period.