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Rumor madonna and a rod dating

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The early Todd Haynes film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story strongly implies he is and that is allegedly the real reason Richard had the film suppressed on grounds of violating the Carpenters' music copyrights. Wasn't there something about either Ike or Tina and incest back in the day? Unfortunately, a lot of black singers from the 50s - 70s were either raped or molested by family.Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday, Bessie, Aretha Franklin, Ronnie Spector and her younger sister Estelle, etc.

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And of course she has managers back then -- she's still with her main one, Geyer Kosinski. R64/71, you're just repeating one of that idiot Ian Halperin's ridiculous fake stories. I have seen that Oscar vid clip of their kiss a number of times and there was no french kissing or tongue involved.But the coming out was quashed by Jolie's management when it was obvious people were completely repulsed, and then that's when Jolie's image rehab started. I thought AJ's brother is gay and they were just being attention starved - and gross - idiots.You know, Angelina could have been so cool - a sleek alternababe rewiring Hollywood to meet her high-end, rebellious and slightly dark standards.Not since I saw him mincing around with Nate Backus on an Oprah segment about Nate redecorating Jerry's apartment - how fucking more gay can you get?Even Nate was taken aback by how much Jerry flamed. Devoted, discreet sisters whose careers were built in the silents and who maintained a rigorously guarded image despite their early antics hardly would have flicked society's so brazenly. There are pics of 15 yr old AAron Carter biting Nick Carters shoulder, Nick biting Aaron's wrist..Nina Simone was apparently molested by her father, here's her brutal re-interpretation of 'Alone Again, Naturally' where she sings frankly about being overjoyed at him being sick and dying: Incest happens in the general population.

So I would imagine it would take place in celebrity families as well.

Richard Carpenter has to have Aspergers or something, because he's the most socially inept, ill spoken person who ever lived.

He always seems to say borderline inappropriate things about Karen.

He isn't a warm person and I can only imagine how that affected her.

The Angelina Jolie/James Haven relationship always fascinated me, mostly because the rumor was that they were actually going to come out as a couple, and that the Oscar kissing was them testing the waters.

Imagine the roles: gender busting sci-fi generals...a wild outlaw like Thelma and Louise put together seducing and executing.of great movies and zeitgeist-defining rebellion. That kiss onstage with her brother was impulsive and did not involve tongue.