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When you produce or assemble automotive components, you need to provide safety information for REACH-relevant substances you use and manage the risk arising from it.I thought your knowledge, expertise and patience was excellent (even with the connection issues on day 2).I would recommend your services to other Companies going forward and wish you the best.Montse Gonzales, responsible for Quality Ensurance at Arque, Comercial Arque, S. We engaged imds professional because we were interested in getting an IMDS number for one of our products.We visited the IMDS webpage and there is not enough information on how to introduce a product in the right way. We were two persons who joined the webinar and our technology was enough and everything worked. I will recommend the webinar, but maybe I will recommend one day more, because it needs to explain a little bit more details. The following changes have been made (non-exhaustive): Grosser Tier1-Lieferant - We require service for creation of material data sheets, in order to have a basis we can build upon once we have been trained intensively. With imds professional we have found the best partner for this project.

Environmental services provider - Thank you for this imds professional, I’d like to thank you personally too for the recent IMDS Webinar.

Read More In November, the EU adopted a further directive amending Annex II to End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC).

It deals with the use of lead in various materials and components.

We advise how best to organise your operational procedures in all matters relating to the IMDS.

We help you to fulfill all requirements as productive and efficient as possible, and save time and money.

First, I think you need to get really clear in your head about how this actually affects his performance and the rest of your team.