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She rode her bicycle over and waited in front of the building.The truck pulled up, she had seen him before, he was a nice guy, she opened the big door and he backed the truck in. The driver knew they rotated stock, he took his hand truck and moved the old stock out of the way, there wasn't much.

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"The first time I saw you, I thought what cute little girl, you were so shy." She said, "I'm eighteen and out of high school, I'll be going to college in the fall," "That's smart," he said, "hopefully you won't have to unload trucks for a living," she looked at him and smiled.They left the movie and began the walk home, they normally walked every where.They arrived at Jen's house, she said thank you and wrapped her arms around him, they kissed a long kiss like lovers would, she was horny, they said good night.She laid her head on his arm and watched the movie.He was puzzled, he's not sure what brought the hand job on. The movie was good, they enjoyed it, Jenny wondered how many guys got a hand job that night.Bob said, "Keep it moving forward, you're doing great." She smiled, "my mom and dad manage the park, I'm cheap labor," they both laughed.

Bob went back to unloading the truck, Jenny was sweating, she sat on a stack of boxes and watched, she directed him and watched him, he moved the boxes and she wrote the date on them.

She slowly started stroking him, squeezing and stroking.

She stared at his cock, she had never seen him cum, she felt him cum in her and felt him cum in her mouth, she kept stroking.

There were two fences, guards were at both, the warehouse was on the road to the second gate, it helped with privacy and kept the nudist away from peering eyes.

Jenny wore a plain house dress on, the normal outfit for greeting outsiders.

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