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Up into the 1980s, Tasmanians were sent to prison for homosexuality, and hundreds were arrested merely for circulating petitions to change the laws.

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I half expected to see wombats the size of minivans (which once existed in Tasmania) grazing on the tops of the palm-like shrubs."The popular myth is that only people who stole handkerchiefs and loaves of bread were transported to Australia," said Elizabeth Fleetwood, who runs historic walking tours in Hobart."But why would they send those people down here and keep the murderers and rapists in England?2005-01-23 PDT Marrawah, Tasmania -- It's bad manners to show up for a dinner party empty handed, so when we pass a dead wallaby by the side of the road Nick Mooney hits the brakes and throws it in reverse. "They might not look like it, but they're picky eaters, those devils." After the sun goes down tonight, if all goes to plan, this well-sauced roadkill will be subjected to the famously uncouth table manners of the beast I've come 8,000 miles to view: the notorious Tasmanian devil."Ah, it's a good one," says the state wildlife expert, lifting the small kangaroo by its tail and swinging it into the back of his truck. Not often seen, saddled with a bad reputation in Victorian times but endlessly fascinating once you spend a little time with them, the devils are an apt mascot for this heart-shaped, Ireland-sized island south of the Australian mainland.Just about every walking route into the center of the park requires an hour or so of hard, sweaty, uphill slogging.

But at the top I entered an enchanting Lost World landscape, dipping into mossy little hobbit forests, passing alpine tarns filled with living fossils and emerging into open moorland crowned by primordial-looking buttes.

Bligh Street commemorates the erstwhile captain of the HMS Bounty, who planted fruit trees here en route to his mutiny.

And residents of a certain age will remind you that Hobart is where native son Errol Flynn first honed his swashbuckling moves on the local female population.

The dining scene can't rival Sydney or Melbourne, but there are enough trendy "Mod Oz" fusion bistros and old- fashioned fish-and-chips pubs to satisfy a foodie on a short visit.

Vineyards producing surprisingly good wines -- considering the latitude -- are minutes from downtown. The main post office, where I bought my postcard stamps, is where, in 1912, a ragged and presumably ripe-smelling Roald Amundsen dashed up the steps to cable the news back to Norway that he'd reached the South Pole.

One day I drove 90 minutes out of town to visit the source of Tasmania's infamous Victorian-era reputation.