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Who is aasha davis dating

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D." and "The Shield" before she landed the role of the bipolar girl Waverly on the outstanding series "Friday Night Lights".Now she gives us an insight into her work and her life behind the scenes.

Aasha Davis did a lot of guest appearances on popular shows like "House M.I read a lot of articles on the subject and even watched some "youtube" videos of real people with bipolar disorder. Every time he would walk into the cafeteria the whole school (even the teachers) would yell out his name. Waverly was originally scheduled for an episode or two and I feel so lucky to have played her for the additional amount of time. Each way has it's individual pressures, pluses and minuses.I learned about the surplus of medications and how difficult it is to diagnose. Of course, I wish they could have fit her in more episodes but there are a lot of characters on FNL to cover and I guess Waverly just fell to the wayside, poor Wave! I just feel like the characters seem much more natural when there is more freedom to think from their point of view rather than worrying about saying the exact words on the page and standing in a predetermined spot. I sincerely enjoyed working on all of those shows but I have to say working with Hugh Laurie was a bit of an extra treat...Sadly, prosecutors say that she didn’t heed her mother’s advise.They came across a letter that Lesley had written to her husband, telling him that she wanted to leave him.Yes, I just returned home from shooting a movie in New York City called "Pariah." It is an awesome story about a girl who is trying to figure out who she really is.

My favorite Television series is "Rescue Me" because it surprises me and can make me laugh then cry in a moments turn.

46-year old Lesley Ann Davis, also known as Lesley Ann Herring, is an African American woman who vanished in 2009 from her California home.

Her husband, Lyle Herring, was eventually convicted of murder in the case.

I have never been but, I would love to visit Germany some day.

My great-grandfather was German and I would love to see where he grew up.

Those who knew her say that Lesley was extremely organized, had a steady job, and was financially responsible.