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Twitter dating rules

SITUATION: Blogging About the Relationship RULE: Just remember that you can't erase or take back what you put out on the Internet.

"I'll always wear it, because love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing and it doesn't have to be defined the way we in Western culture define it as beginnings and ends," Lena told fans.Follow these, and we'll all get along just fine.1.SITUATION: Exchanging Passwords RULE: Bad idea, period.If it's something I'm really into, I like to see her reaction, because I want her to enjoy it."GIRLS SAY: "If there's a show or a movie that I really think he would like, and we're watching it together, and he starts surfing the Internet, I'm like, ' Fuck this.' I get pissed, but if we're casually flipping through channels, then it's OK."8.SITUATION: Checking the Phone After Sex RULE: Wait for the afterglow to dissipate—and the pants to go on—before you pick up the phone after sex. I've been with girls who are very fast at checking messages. The canoodling is made more abrupt because she's checking her Black Berry from a friend about wanting to go to an art gallery opening."GIRLS SAY: "He should at least have his pants on because that means the canoodling is over—usually after five minutes or once things have worn down.SITUATION: Checking In on Foursquare RULE: It really depends on how out there you want to be.

GUYS SAY: "If I'm not dating anyone, or I'm dating one person exclusively, I am fine with Foursquare—you can disclose where you are with impunity.

On Monday (January 8), it was announced that Jack Antonoff and Lena Dunham have split after five years together, but there's a rumor about who the Bleachers frontman has moved onto and it's a juicy one.

As noticed by a few outlets, the Now, the post in question specifically talks about Lorde recording her sophomore effort in Lena and Jack's very own apartment.

But if one person's channel surfing and the other's disinterested, go right ahead and browse.

GUYS SAY: "I like to see the other person's reaction while watching TV.

Yes, some couples seem to be fine with using a mutual Facebook account (that's weird, people) or, less harmlessly, the same computer with all its cookies and search histories.