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Who is kelly from the game dating

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In the season finale "Casino Night," Ryan wearily admits to Jim that he is still dating Kelly.At the Hindu Diwali festival, Kelly's parents criticize her choice in Ryan for not being committed to marriage and family and for not making enough money ("Diwali"); they suggest that she go for a particular, more successful man of Indian descent.

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Kelly lies and tells Stanley that Ryan flirted with the teenager, after which Stanley berates Ryan.Unlike Angela, who cannot bring herself to follow Kelly's advice and say "I'm sorry" to irate customers, Kelly demonstrates notable skill at soothing the angry callers.In "The Job," Ryan abruptly ends his relationship with Kelly after receiving a promotion to the corporate headquarters.Kelly is portrayed in Season 1 very differently than later in the series.Rather than being loquacious and adolescent, she is just a mild-mannered employee who is just another target of branch Manager Michael Scott's stereotypes.In "The Negotiation," Kelly reveals that Ryan once laughed at her during a date when a boy on a Ferris wheel spilled his milkshake on her.

Ryan just replies "Well, that was funny; that's why." She also questions Ryan's bravery, mentioning that he once called her for help when he thought there was a "murderer" in his apartment.

Slate magazine called the character one of the reasons to look forward to the return of the show in fall 2007.

Kelly Kapoor is a customer service representative at the Scranton branch of fictitious paper distributor Dunder Mifflin.

Kelly is an Indian American although she frequently makes incorrect statements about her heritage or religion.

Her parents were brought together through an arranged marriage and she has three living sisters, as well as another who died.

Kelly is the office chatterbox, usually on topics that a teenager might discuss, such as boys, dating, and celebrity gossip.