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The new flagship spinning reels from Daiwa, the Daiwa EXIST Spinning Reels are packed full of Daiwa’s latest technologies and features.

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I emailed Samsung about this but they were completely unhelpful and just emailed me a copy and paste response about how to change the screen resolution even though this was clearly not the issue.The speakers need drastic improvement but it is a great first go at the product.I definitely think in the future Dex will become mainstream and with many refinements to software and hardware (Especially with the CPU chip, that needs a huge improvement to run much faster to be honest possibly using Graphene and silicon for the CPU in the phone) then it will reduce the need to buy big desktop PCs and everyone like me will be using it since it is fantastic innovation by Samsung. I was really excited when my Dex first arrived, I plugged it into my monitor and it worked great.-Mag Sealed body construction-Mag Sealed line roller-Zaion body-Zaion rotor-Airbail-Infinite anti-reverse-Digigear II-Gyro spin-ATD drag system-Silent oscillation system-CNC cut handle-ABS long cast spool-Twist Buster II line roller-Made in Japan Comments: This spinning reel is the "Rolex" watch of finesse reels.Just used this reel, along with a Daiwa Steez AGS rod, at the Wild West Bass Trail Lake Pleasant event during the toughest tournament bite ever.I finally found a workaround by using screen mirroring which did allow me to watch full screen Netflix on a computer monitor however there are two negatives to this approach. Your phone screen has to be showing the same thing and unless you have a really long HDMI cable is going to be right next to your monitor so its quite annoying having the same thing on both at once (You can't make the phone screen blank) 2.

Literally every time I try and use screen mirroring my phone will crash so badly I have to force restart it by holding down power and volume down keys 7 seconds.

For play and watching Netflix etc get a Chromecast then you have all the angles covered.

So happy for this product, it's compact, powerful and really useful for my work since I can take notes and then immediately have the appear on the screen the moment I dock the phone.

A really useful and powerful addition to the S8/S8plus/Note8.

The desktop experience is really good, multitasking is easy.

It’s thirteen bearing system also features 2 Mag Sealed bearings located on both sides of the drive gear, 10 corrosion resistant bearings, and a roller bearing for guaranteed super smooth functioning.