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On the other hand, that was fourteen hundred years ago, both candidates are long dead, and there’s no more caliphate. Sure, the two groups have slightly different hadith and schools of jurisprudence, but how many Muslims even know which school of jurisprudence they’re supposed to be following? Some of them said Abu Bakr, others said Ali, and the dispute has been going on ever since.

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Corporations with names like Amalgamated Products Co probably aren’t very tribal; charismatic corporations like Apple that become identities for their employees and customers are more so.In Stage 1, each group of campers would settle in, unaware of the other group’s existence.Toward the end of Stage 1, the groups would gradually be made aware of each other. The early Muslims were debating who was the rightful caliph.It seems like a pretty minor thing to have centuries of animus over.If I had written this essay five years ago, it would be be titled “Why Tribalism Is Stupid And Needs To Be Destroyed”. I’ve found that I enjoy being in tribes as much as anyone else.

Part of this was resolving a major social fallacy I’d had throughout high school and college, which was that the correct way to make friends was to pick the five most interesting people I knew and try to befriend them. The Three Popular Girls Who Went Everywhere Together.

Well, the 22 boys were divided into two groups of 11 campers, and — — and that turned out to be quite sufficient.

The researchers’ original plans called for the experiment to be conducted in three stages.

Cults are maybe the most tribal groups that exist in the modern world, and those Cult Screening Tools make good measures for tribalism as well.

The dangers of tribalism are obvious; for example, fascism is based around dialing a country’s tribalism up to eleven, and it ends poorly.

The experiment, conducted in the bewildered aftermath of World War II, was meant to investigate the causes—and possible remedies—of intergroup conflict.