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Star Sports thus had to pay 10% TDS on its media rights income for the event, and subsequently, it paid that much amount less to the ICC.The ICC was told by the Indian Income Tax authorities that they could file a return in India and claim a refund, but the world cricket body hasn't done that so far." Explaining why the government doesn't give tax exemption for the ICC events anymore, even as it gave the same to FIFA for the Under-17 Football World Cup held last year in India, he said: "The government doesn't consider that cricket needs promotion anymore.

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It is expected that USA Cricket will subsequently be in a position to apply to become an Associate Member at the ICC's 2018 Annual Conference.Also join Working Not Working to take another worry off the VVQEQR4o2 "The business environment is highly adaptive.Learn why our invite-only community is changing the way companies source talent. O3M Timed with the 1-year anniversary of Trump's inauguration, @Wolff Olins has enlisted @printalloverme 10 artists to help design #bandtogether bandanas. 100% of proceeds are sent to charitable organizations threatened by Trump.Working Not A great playlist for a productive workday. IA4UH [email protected] Amsterdam x Working Not Working Pub Night Tue, 20 Feb, 2018 at PM RSVP now to celebrate the final night of the two-day conference in one of Amsterdam's oldest venues overlooking the canals.However, in the case of the 2016 World Twenty20, which was held in India, the government refused to give any tax exemption to the ICC.

The ICC and its media rights holder Star Sports made repeated requests in this regard, but the tax authorities didn't budge. Wow Jx RP8ug VC9 "I don’t have enough casual conversations with illustrators about building a sustainable career or mental-health...

This is a change to be made." @Ben Illustrator gives his reasons for interviewing over 1200 Illustrators about their habits & dreams.

it's easy to skip extra information in question if provided, while it's harder to guess a missing part.

One of the solutions for your case may be to remove store=True, if it does not affect anything else.

Finally the solution was : display the api.depends fields on the same page than price_ttc, so when those field are not on the same page that price_ttc, even if I update them, It's not working.