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Moms hacked cams

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At some point in time, he must’ve gotten fed up with waiting because he decided to start climbing the railing of his crib and eventually stood up on top of it.

Her husband decided to set up the camera one night after he noticed that she was missing from bed multiple nights in a row and, assuming he couldn’t get any answers from her, he wanted to see if he could find out what was really happening.and its sequels, there’s probably not a person alive who’s fond of checking on their baby using a grainy, black-and-white camera, but it really is the best option we’ve got.Unfortunately, they also come with downsides as the devices can easily be hacked, and don’t necessarily ensure that your child is actually safe.The husband and wife were watching TV when she eventually decided to go to bed, leaving her husband downstairs.As she checked the baby monitor one last time, she saw a woman peering into the child’s crib, and she then picked the child up.It’s surprising when you consider that they found all of their upstairs doors and windows open when they finally decided to head to bed.

Since they were upstairs, they didn’t think it was likely that someone had broken in, especially just to open a bunch of windows and doors. One of the parents explained that the home originally belonged to his uncle and has a long history of ghostly activity.

What she didn’t know, however, is that he knew about the cameras and decided to use them to his advantage.

He decided that he would go check in the kids while wearing a creepy mask and just sit there for a while, knowing that his presence would trigger a motion sensor that would send a picture his wife.

She received the pictures while she was at work, had a totally appropriate freak out, and rushed home to find out what had really happened.

How about what was thought to be a real-life version of it?

As a couple watched television while their child slept soundly upstairs, they kept an occasional eye on the baby monitor to make sure everything was as it should be.