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Chris brown is dating kim kardashian

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pretty clearly calls out his mega famous reality star-turned-mogul ex, with reference to their 2003 sex tape that leaked in 2007.

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While the actress first gained publicity thanks to her relationship with Chris Brown -- something she fully copped to during the interview -- she parlayed that media attention into a successful acting career, now appearing on TNT's hilarious "Claws." "The publicity just came from who I was dating, that just automatically naturally happened," she said.As for Brown's involvement, his sentiments are slightly broader on the song's hook where he sings, "I know that you cry when you’re going to sleep every damn night/ I'll fuck around and make another one famous." Ray J was at Brown's home in Tarzana, California, last August when the Brown was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a woman visitor accused him of pointing a gun at her. It was on Friday that the man known as Shad Moss found himself in headlines yet again after revealing that he once secretly dated Kim Kardashian in the era that preceded Reggie Bush, stating that he kept the relationship under wraps because of his race out of fear of what his fans would think."No, we're cool friends, we hung out, but it was nothing serious," she said. " The actress was also asked if she'd even take a dip in the lady pond."For some reason, everybody's so obsessed, the frickin' media is obsessed with anytime I'm next to a guy, so it's been several dudes that they've — if I'm seen or [there's] a rumor, it's like 'Oh my god she's dating this guy' or whatever. "I kind of dated a woman-ish, but there's just something about a man that's just masculine and just there's things that women don't have that men do," she said. Neither Brown nor Santiago have commented on the situation yet.

You can check out a photo of Santiago above via Instagram.

on Instagram, and co-host Adrienne Bailon's ex Rob Kardashian seems to be in the singer's corner.

This all started when the talk-show hosts got on the topic of "staying out of other people's relationships." Bailon called out Brown and his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, claiming the 25-year-old R&B star's has been unfaithful to the model/stylist but her friends won't say anything because they were benefiting from the relationship.

Brown caught wind of the comments and launched into a profanity-laden Instagram rant (which he later deleted) that included calling Bailon an "ole trout mouth a** b**ch" and Braxton a "muppet face a**." "U take the role of the ugly sister," Brown slammed Tony Braxton's younger sister, insisting that plastic surgery "f**ked yo face up." Prior to deleting the post, Bailon's ex Rob Kardashian reportedly "liked" the photo.

PICS: Biggest Celebrity Feuds On Monday night, Braxton reacted to Brown's insults via Instagram. Just like everyone else out there -- he has an opinion.

VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Defends Brother Rob Against Ex Adrienne Bailon"Don't you think some of your friends reap some of the benefits of her dating Chris Brown? "Really are your friends going to tell you to leave that?