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@Angel Eyez, I also just read this on the Community forum from someone with the same problem.

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The "Amount" slider-bar will only move (by itself) ONLY if I uncheck the "Amount" box, then it does it go all the way to the left, by itself, then I re-check it and it's ok, and will stay for ONE Invoice/Estimate.The next time I go to do another invoice or estimate, my description is yet again smooshed all the way to the left, and when I come back to settings to change it, all bars are still shaded-out (EVEN the "Description" one, the only other column I'm using) and the Amount slider is pushed all the way to the right again.While I was waiting for a response, I discovered that this has been an ongoing issue for at least two years. Certainly this would be an easy fix by your company's programmer?You're already driving a classic Jeep, why should your headlights be out of date and unsafe?Our 5'' x 7'' YJ Jeep Wrangler Half Halo Headlights will be sure to light your path! I am unable to widen the "Description" (middle part) section of my invoices and estimates.

When I print them out, everything is all smooshed to the left, with only about 30 characters on each line, Turning one 26-word sentence into FIVE lines, and a huge 3 1/4" blank space between my description and the amount.

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They keep changing other things around (of which most people do not appreciate their so-called "improvements"), yet can't fix this one simple thing in TWO YEARS time?

Just search "column widths" in this forum, and see for yourself how long this has been going on.

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