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High school senior dating sophomore

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I felt like I was the odd one out if I didn't have a boyfriend or wasn't at least "talking" to someone, which is the new word that for some reason all teenagers use even though no one actually knows what it means.But the truth is, not having a boyfriend was never really one of my biggest concerns.

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When you get to college, you have to start thinking about careers, bills, and where you want to live your life.But when it came to my own dating life, it wasn't all my choice because not only did I not meet anyone I wanted to date, but no one I met wanted to date me, either.My mom used to tell me boys my age wouldn't want to date me because I was too intimidating or too hard on them.To say it bluntly, there was no one in my high school that I wanted to marry, so that meant there was no one I wanted to date. Finally, the biggest reason I didn't date in high school was because I knew it was only temporary. And contrary to what some people may believe, they are not the best four years of your life.I knew that I had bigger and better things to come and that I had some big decisions to make and I didn't want any of them to be affected by the person I was dating.But if you're dating someone to find out what you want out of a partner so you will one day know what you want in a spouse, then wouldn't you say that's a pretty big commitment?

When you break it down to simple terms, dating is just one of the first steps that hopefully leads to marriage.

Though there were many times that I had no idea what I was supposed to do as someone's girlfriend, there hasn't been one time that I've regretted my inexperience with dating.

When I was in high school, which feels much longer than just a year ago, it seemed like everyone I knew was dating someone.

Of course, there were some days that not having a boyfriend sucked a little more than others, like Valentine's Day, or prom, or basically any other school dance where not having a date is like a high school girl's worst nightmare.

But in the end, not dating in high school was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I am 19 years old and my current boyfriend is the only boyfriend I've ever had.