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As we were collecting, people were buying and taking them away, and in the evening, shelves were empty again, like we didn’t do nothing whole day!

We would like to make some products from strawberries; jam, marmelade, there is a demand for that also, but we sell all strawberries during the season, so there’s no left to process!I love the way they smelled and tasted, and the work wasn’t too hard.They gave me a lot of information about strawberries, and how to grow them and I was fascinated!Chang'an had an assembly plant in Poteau, Oklahoma, piecing together products sold under the Tiger Truck brand from 2007 to 2010.Like most major Chinese automakers, Changan partners with Western and Japanese companies to produce and sell the products of these foreign firms in China.These small cars carry the Changan brand name although Suzuki technology is used in their design and manufacture.

In 2010, Changan was supposed to merge its Suzuki joint venture with that of Changhe, another automaker that participates in a project with the Japanese company.

People often come to the greenhouse and help us collect strawberries they want to buy!

Children love it because they can eat strawberries directly from the plant. Since the temperatures were really high this year, fruits were ripen really fast and we had to collect them non stop!

In 1959 a predecessor entity, Chongqing Chang'an Arsenal, under contract to the government, began auto manufacturing and built Changjiang Type 46 vehicle which was the first production vehicle of China.

but this count likely conflates private offerings and microvans, tiny commercial trucks and vans that are popular in China.

In November 2012, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile was divided into two new joint venture companies: Changan Ford and Changan Mazda.