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Do teachers dating former students

Student-Patient Analogy Some professors make the comparison between a faculty-student relationship and a relationship between a therapist and a patient, which is always considered unethical by professionals."They are parallel, though not identical, issues," said Dr.

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Some say that the unequal power in a relationship between a student and a faculty member -- particularly one who is in a position to grade or make recommendations about the student he or she is dating -- is inherently exploitative."But most of what we're talking about is not what falls under a strict definition of sexual harassment.In fact, the more problematic ones are the ones that seem consensual. Are they two consenting adults in love, or is it sexual harassment and exploitation?A more stringent regulation, which would have banned romance between all professors and undergraduates, was voted down.Kolodzinski, dean of students on the Pleasantville-Briarcliff campus of Pace University.

"There are many variables in a situation like this," Dean Kolodzinski said.

I can understand certain circumstances where the professor appears almost God-like and therefore is highly regarded by the student.

The young person can feel in love and can fall prey to any manipulation on the part of the professor," he said. Cancro said that under such circumstances it is the professor's responsibility to maintain the boundaries of the relationship.

"He'd receive all these calls from students who were having a crush on him," said Ms. "He was always very honorable and said, 'Thank you very much, but I don't have relationships with students.' Not all professors were that honorable.

Certainly these situations presented themselves, and sometimes the professor had the maturity and morals to handle it, and sometimes he didn't," she said.

Others cite happy marriages of professors to their former students.