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Dating a man with bad teeth

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I got hit in the mouth with a glass pepsi bottle, shattered the roots of my front top and lowers.I really really miss my smile :( But it will be back, perhaps not a genuine smile as they will be dentures, but ill be able to be a bit more expressional then. I understand what you are going through, mate and I do not judge you. I just hope you didnt let a good guy get away because of his teeth.

usually, bad teeth that you have described usually means bad breath.i know personally, thats not something i could deal with, or kiss.luck with this one!!!We were having a nice conversation, and then he smiled real big, and his teeth were brown and rotting at the tops!I have never met anyone with rotting teeth and I was horrified!!!He did ask to call you so you could just bring up the issue ina casual conversation and see what he says.Something like the next time you talk about your jobs or something, mention your benefits and see what he are 27 so I am assuming the guy is close to your age which makes it strange to have that problem at this age even if he doesn't brush his teeth. crack and some other drugs can cuase teeth to decay the way you describe it. Crack heads, if they are that far gone, generally are not nice unless they want money, a fix or are hiding something.then its obvious that they are users...By the way, crack will rot teeth but a big one is crystal meth, if that's the case don't just walk away... I go through pain to eat and more pain to brush is not my teeth that are damaged (the ones that were are long gone) but the roots...coming up with 2500 to 3k for dentures is tough, even if you make good plans, or at least some of them, wont cover dentures for they say its Cosmetic. I love a beautiful smile right there with a great set of teeth.

It really sucks to have bad teeth or lack of there of =p But as I said, I would never judge someone who did not like me due to that fact, but I would become offended if someone assumed i was a crack head.that is me. If they are discusting, how can you think of anything other than that when you are kissing. So he has bad teeth lol should we base how you/any of us feel upon someone who has bad teeth?

What if you met somebody who had ALL/EVERY single thing you looked for in a person and he was sweet kind careing honest and trustworthy but didn't have the certain look but not ugly real cute guy, but his teeth was a little "NOT" perfect.?

Me honestly if his teeth wasn't good and a little bad i would/could get over that part i mean it is what you feel on inside for this person not whats on outside if he makes you happy (so far) and you two hit it off well and hes not the abuseive type or cheating type, why not go for sometimes what you need/want could be standing right infront you.

We are imperfect, faults displayed or not displayed.traits and bad habbits..there is someone for everyone.that I will forever hold faith. A lot of people these days seem to be looking for the "perfect" person right off the shelf.

They won't settle if they're a little fat, skinny, hair's wrong color, etc. Then what happens, we have a whole generation of people now who are going to be approaching 40 and 50 years old and will be still single and b1tching about "they can't find mr or mrs. Your right loboblack i think same way there is someone out there for everyone even tho it might take others longer to find it but i know what i look for in a person and i am not that picky all i want from a guy is for him to be kind honest respectful don't hold things back from one another, and just be HIMSELF and i will return the favor because to me there is more to a person than their looks/background. Missing a tooth in the front I could handle, as long as he was getting it looked after and getting a fake one or whatnot. Everyone can make their faces and hair and body's look good, but so many people now a days skip over one of the most important parts of their bodies.. I myself cannot date someone with rotting teeth, even someone with poorly kept teeth I can't (i dont mean crooked teeth).

You're typing like you're going to turn 80 tomorrow!!! If you're letting yourself go now, how is it going to be when you do get old!