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“ ‘I trust my players, I trust my coaches and I trust my instincts,’ Pederson said. Conforto had been the last reason to watch a lost Mets season; Porzingis was the only reason to watch these Knicks, especially as they crawl through another year clear of the playoffs.”--Big goings on in the Premier League.

Notre Dame argues, correctly, that the leprechaun differs from Chief Wahoo and other Native American logos in a crucial way: The university is highlighting its own heritage rather than appropriating imagery from others.His contributions look even better if you factor in his training-camp injury and that he really didn’t start fully practicing with the team’s starters until Week 15.But if you’ve already forgotten just how elite Wentz promised to be during his gigantic leap forward in 2017, well, the Eagles probably have not.In a deal struck under pressure from Major League Baseball, the Indians have now agreed the chief is too offensive to appear on the field.“Often lost in this debate are two obvious points.First, mascots and logos are by definition caricatures, hence the exaggerations.If Foles can win a Super Bowl picking up where Wentz left off, in fact, who’s to say the Eagles won’t be doubly committed to their young signal-caller?

Who’s to say their confidence won’t skyrocket knowing that, with Wentz healthy and returned to form, they might have a legitimate shot at chasing more Super Bowls?

NBC Sports Boston’s Mike Giardi reported that Butler violated his curfew at some point during the team’s stay in Minneapolis ahead of the game; Giardi, like Rapoport, calling the benching “multilayered” and saying it “was a culmination of a variety of things that have popped up with Malcolm over the course of this season and maybe even others in the past.”Who knows what the reason was in the end, including perhaps that Belichick knew Butler would be leaving in free agency, but the Eagles feasted on his replacements, converting 6 of 7 third downs when targeting Eric Rowe and others. Cincinnati 21-2..about hoops excitement for this city with Nos. Andrews in 2015, came back to greet the three players going through the extra holes after he’d finished his post-round media visits.“But there’s steel in Spieth, as he’s proved by winning three major championships and 11 times on tour before the age of 25.

For his part, Malcolm Butler responded Tuesday, saying he never missed curfew during Super Bowl week and that he never “participated [in] any of the ridiculous activities being reported,” including attending a Rick Ross concert. After agreeing three weeks ago to terms with the Colts to become their next coach, after hiring multiple members of the coaching staff, after arranging to fly Wednesday morning from Boston to Indianapolis on Jim Irsay’s jet to be introduced at an afternoon news conference, Josh Mc Daniels backed out.“The Colts just got punked by the biggest punk in the NFL coaching community; a guy so callous that he convinced a handful of assistant coaches elsewhere to leave wherever they were to come work for him in Indianapolis. The same is true of Rory Mc Ilroy, as kind a person as there is in the game, except when he smells a major victory.” “Not just any leprechauns, mind you.

Remarkably, with a combined 91 passes thrown by both Brady and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, it was the only sack in the game.

Just 38 seconds remained in the first half, and the Philadelphia Eagles faced fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line.

They’ve all played for Doug Pederson long enough to know they were going for it, but as they guzzled their water bottles, rested their hands on their hips and looked left toward their sideline, they wondered just how cool a play Pederson might have in mind“ ‘Philly Special’ was the call, and there were more than a few smiles in the huddle.