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French polynesian dating

So its now Weds and I still haven’t heard from Match AL…. Although, Match AL is rubbing me the wrong way already… Oh god, what type of apartment/house does he live in?

After the Vet texted about meeting again, I contemplated what to do. At this point, I should be smart and go home but I am TOO nice and agree. I am also a little turned off by the fact, every time he orders a drink he’s totally fine with the “well” brand of alcohol, whereas I only drink Ketel One or Grey Goose. He takes off the puffer vest to get ‘more comfortable’. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek (which is all I would allow anyway) and bid me goodbye and jets. Literally I’ve had the young cub at 22yrs old to the 79yr old grandpa writing me. At first, when he reached out to me I immediately thought… He then asked me out on a date after a few Match emails. I have to really pick out two amazing outfits two nights in a row! So, commuting back into the city for a date with someone I haven’t met, is a big deal for me. After the show ends, he asks if I want to play pool. We play a few rounds and have a couple laughs but I don’t care to ask him many questions or engage fully because I know it wont go anywhere. Not to sound like my pretty little head got bigger, but it was slightly overwhelming! I didn’t know what to do, how to respond, what to say, how to filter all these men, from young to old. I also start talking to a guy who’s screen name is Annoyingly Long (AL). He proceeded to reassure me, it had nothing to do with his male anatomy when I asked him “What is up with the screen name? ” but only that the whole online dating setup/process was “annoyingly long” hmmm… Let me just say, I work in the city and live on the Eastside. I decide not to overdress but of course, still look cute in my cigarette fitting jeans, heels, cute top and have my hair down (hair is usually up, due to loads of it). Then, I get a text from the Vet saying the place is booked, so I step outside to tell him I have a table for us (shouldn’t he have reserved something? Tell me about your job, How long have you been in the area? this means, “I don’t really want to make the effort to think, if you have a place in mind already.” Thursday evening, I run home after work and get ready for date#2 with the Vet. I am not used to this since my ex would always wait to eat or even serve me (give the devil his due). As we are getting ready for the show to start, the Vet says “Hey, it was a long day and sorry if I smell like cat piss or something ” WHAT THE FUCK?! So, something may have sprayed you prior to your arrival and it wasn’t a bottle of $100 cologne? Since the Vet is a few minutes late (peeve #1), I rush to the bathroom, do a quick once over, hope my hair isn’t a complete fro at this point, damn rain! Then as I turned on the TV, I saw one of the many commercials. Always a cute couple, sometimes in a sushi joint attempting to impress each other with their chopstick skills (wait wasn’t that me with OKVet?

Sadly, as I kept looking I didn’t find any amazing males that stood out.

I think to myself, “Yikes I could never get lost with this guy. My ex was amazing with directions and didn’t need to think twice!

” AGAIN, mental kick in the head, “Pay attention and stop thinking about before and live in the now! ” The Vet stops the car on the opposite side of the street of my car, once Siri tells us how to get there.

I offer to get the tickets online and meet him for the 7pm show. The advice being given is to text him a short message asking “Are we still on for Friday? I do exactly this and he responds saying “Yes, I am trying to think of places to go. The Vet had informed me earlier, he was coming from the Northgate area because he had to perform an at home euthanasia, so he might be a few mins delayed . I don’t need to know that, especially being the animal lover I am. I notice he looks the same as his pictures for the most part. Although, his sweater smells like it came out of a old wooden closet.

The Vet and I have decided to see a comedy show on Thursday at the Parlor in Bellevue. I arrive at the Parlor and go to the front to get our tickets from Will Call. I am growing impatient just standing in the front waiting. I’ll let it slide this time) I give the Vet the once over as we meet. Then, I start noticing something that I never find attractive in a man. Yes, this sounds completely superficial, I realize this, but we can’t help what we are attracted to, right? well I think to myself “He seems nice and he’s smart.

OKVet was texting me and I wanted to send his message to my friend. When FORWARDING a message from your Iphone 5s, you can highlight the msg and forward but it will stay on the original persons text… It was OKVet and only until AFTER hitting ‘Send’ I realized this! Something to the effect of “This message was from OKVet (I used his real name in the text to her), nice huh? I had a swift recovery with the Vet saying “oh I was sharing your sweet text and saying how nice you are” :::: eye roll::: He was polite and responded by saying he’s done the same… This woman is a planner and hates waiting till last minute! date tonight with the Vet and still no word from Match AL. ” Then I mentally kick myself, “Pay attention to don’t be such a snob and stop the analysis!