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Pay to dirty chat

Pay to dirty chat-81

Happy Easter to ALL.i was reading earlier that vetting the member will take some time.

I hope the Cabal don't stop the payout they always like to interfere and obstruct in our affairs. About a mounth ago we were at 89% with the EMS similations and we were getting very close again to the initial payout then somthing happend, they had to do a stresstest and they came up with the offer 17 for 1 shares.What do you think will happen when "amazon" or "walmart" jumps in and gets involved???Hold on because this ride is about to get bumpy and high!!!There are correspondent banking problems in that off-shore jurisdiction that inhibit or preclude international transactions?As I wrote last time ,see below, again when we are close to payout the Banks comes up with something completly new that prolongs the process for the pay out, just wounder how long they will be comming up with new delays.Hopefully the history will not repeat itself this time and we will finaly get our payout. t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey?

You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living The 17 for 1 offer has nothing to do with the stress test itself.

The simulations will be completed around December 15th or maybe earlier, EMS strives to have their administration 100% completed on December 15, so that the initial payout can be started immediately.

This means that we will receive the initial payout before Christmas. If so how will investors whose trust accounts are located in that country be able to transfer funds?

EMS/HCI will probably execute a payout next year if all goes well with the simulations hopefully they have a smooth and uninterrupted process with the simulations.

It would be good if EMS would close off soon and stop coming up with lame excuses to extend the program it is time to shut the doors and execute a payout for next year most investors are running out of patience with EMS/HCI some have been in this for about 10 years.

They have to much power and control over the masses and people. So it seams to be the same old story everytime we get close to the finish line that something comes up that makes a new delay and at the same time there are new bonus offers.