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Note that one of these causes, or a combination of two or more, can be to blame. Other strains that become hermaphrodite are victim of breeding errors that introduced hermie tendencies into the strain. Unnatural types of seed manipulation can create hermaphrodite tendencies.

If your light cycles are unreliable in their start and stop times, or if there are light leaks or other light penetration interruptions during the night period, that’s also a stresser.And they’re filled with seeds, which makes it difficult to enjoy combusting or vaporizing them.The formation of seeds takes energy and resources that the plant could use to produce bigger buds and more THC, other cannabinoids, plus terpenoids.“They said Oprah said that on her show,” she laughed. The Emerald Isle’s Ciara came into this world male, but in 1999 he was surgically transformed into a female.Online searches for ‘ciara’ quickly found the Irish Ciara’s web page, which chronicled her experience of being surgically regendered.Many years ago, some growers looked at hermaphrodite marijuana, commonly referred to as “hermie,” as a benefit.

Seeds produced by hermaphroditism tend to grow out to be female plants.

If your plants are attacked by pests and/or diseases, this too is a stressor that can trigger hermie flowers.

Hermies are much more likely to develop from seed-grown cannabis, but I’ve seen hermies from clones, even when the clone mother never displayed hermaphroditic tendencies.

Unpollinated female flowers — the entire goal of sensimilla cannabis production — will be contaminated by the pollen and become seeded buds.

Seeded buds are only desirable when you’re breeding seeds — otherwise, seeded buds are almost impossible to sell.

During two decades of growing and networking with other cannabis growers, I’ve seen hermies a couple dozen times out of hundreds of gardens I’ve either run or visited.